Over 500 Water Treatment Plants

Kridha Limited has manufactured, installed and commissioned more than 500 Commercial & Industrial Water treatment Plants over the past 20 years

Kridha Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) – Klaro

Kridha Limited is the official partner for KLARO (Germany). Through this partnership, we are able to offer the KLARO Intelligent Waste Water Treatment Solutions.

Super Membrane Filters

Super Membrane Filters are Improved Ultra Filtration Systems for customized solution of colour, iron, turbidity and suspended solid removal from well or borehole water.

Water Re-use/ Recycling Plants

Cost effective operating systems for water recycling or reuse

Kridha Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) – MBBR

Designed to remove majority of the contaminants from sewage water to produce clear water that meet NEMA irrigation or environment discharge standards.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

Kridha Limited effluent treatment plant (ETP) covers all the mechanisms and processes used to treat water contaminated as a result of industrial or commercial activities prior to its release in the sewer, the environment, or its re-use. Our effluent treatment plants are customized products to treat effluents from different industries.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Kridha Industrial R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) Systems are carefully engineered with effective customised pretreatment to provide reliable and highest quality treated water under minimum maintenance.

Filtration Systems

Kridha Filtration Systems are manufactured to provide the highest levels of performance and customized to fit client requirements.

Kridha Water Treatment Products

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) – Klaro

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) – MBBR

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Filtration Systems

Super Membrane Filters

Water Re-use & Reclycling Plants

Water Treatment Chemicals

Media & Spare Parts

Kridha Laboratory

Kridha Limited has manufactured, installed and commissioned more than

500 Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Plants over the past 20 years


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