Kridha Limited effluent treatment plant (ETP) covers all the mechanisms and processes used to treat water contaminated as a result of industrial or commercial activities prior to its release in the sewer, the environment, or its re-use. Our effluent treatment plants are customized products to treat effluents from different industries.

We locally manufacture plants of different capacities ranging from 500Lts/day to 1,000,000lts/day. Our effluent treatment plants are proven effective, workable technology and easy to operate. Kridha Ltd is well known for it’s after sale services to make sure all plants serve the purpose of purchase/ investment.



Kridha Ltd ETP are applied in waste water treatment for Industries like:

1. Food industry 6. Steel Plant Industry 12. Leather and Tanneries
2. Textile Industry 7. Power plant Industry 13. Fruit and veggies
3. Sugar Industry 8. Beverage Industr 14. Hotels/Resorts
4. Paper Industry 10. Cooling Towers Industry 15. Laundry waste water
5. Pharmaceuticals Industry 11. Agriculture Industry 16. Aquaculture Industry