Kridha Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) – MBBR

Kridha Sewage Treatment plant is the system designed to remove majority of the contaminants from sewage water to produce clear water that meet NEMA irrigation or environment discharge standards.

STP Plants Installed

New Product

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)

The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) process is a state-of-the-art fixed-film (or attached growth) biological process used for wastewater treatment both municipally and industrially for BOD removal, nitrification and denitrification. This process provides the smallest footprint biological system, which is tolerant of both load swings and temporary load deprivation. The Kridha MBBR consists of a tank with submerged, but freely moving, specially designed bio-media. The large surface area of the bio-media provides abundant surface for bacteria to grow and thrive.



  • Simple to operate.
  • Easily retrofitted with a small footprint Low capital cost.
  • Stable under load variations.
  • Increases plant capacity and allows upgrades to new nitrogen limits using existing tanks.
  • Generates low solids.
  • Reduces 60-80% influent BOD for easy industrial upgrades to existing systems.


  • For institutions and schools
  • For housing estates
  • For hospitals
  • For single houses
  • For hotels/resorts
  • For industrial estates