Having been in this field for more than 15 years and with an experienced team, we are comfortably able to offer the following services:

1. Installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of water and waste water treatment systems that we manufacture or imported by other customer.
2. Laboratory analysis on raw water, process and waste water samples.
3. Manufacturing, installation and commissioning of waste water plants.
4. Consultative services regarding water and waste water treatment, air and energy conservation
and management.
5. Boiler systems descaling and treatment programs.
6. Cooling systems descaling and treatment programs.
7. Water softening, DM plants and mix beds resin regeneration services.
8. RO membranes, cleaning and descaling services.
9. Modification and improvement of existing systems in raw process and waste water treatment.
10. On call services
11. Monthly & Yearly service contracts