Why Choose Kridha?



Kridha Limited recognizes the importance of water conservation. It has a well organized body that conforms to the Kenya law to which it relates. We are also in line with the set guidelines by the National Environment Management Authority(NEMA), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and other statutory and regulatory bodies that relate to water. We therefore meet the local and regional standards in our products and performance.


Our team has a wide experience in water treatment systems and solutions from the last 13 years. So far we have over 300 stable clients across East Africa. We have distinct designs for  our systems for rapid installation and simple future expansion. Kridha Limited also upgrades existing systems and repair of failed or non-performing systems from other suppliers.


Kridha  Limited  only  manufactures  and  supplies  quality  products.  Our products are carefully manufactured thus giving value, reliability and efficiency.

After Sale Service

Kridha  Limited  offer  unlimited  after  sale  services.  It  provides  quality installation,  commissioning, training, regular products checkup and maintenance support prior to period agreed upon.


Kridha  Limited  has  a  guarantee  of  its  sold  products  subject  to  the conditions written or given with it. We reserves the right to amend /alter without prior notice the process and equipment design, specifications or scope of supply during and/or after the installation of the plant to achieve satisfactory results and to accommodate any changes occurred in the raw water quality.